Help & FAQ

Where do I enter the Coupon Code?

Each merchant’s web site is unique. Most often you enter the code in the shopping cart, or at some point during checkout. Look for any of the following on the merchant’s home page, in the shopping cart, and on every page during checkout:

1. A box labeled coupon code, discount code, promo code, promotion code, promotional code, key code, source code, media code, reference code, bonus code, catalog code, offer code, priority code, or secret savings code.


2. A link for you to click on and enter the coupon code.


3. A check box that you need to click in order to enter the coupon code later on.


If you can’t find the place for the coupon code, use your back button and take a second look. You may need to re-enter all or part of your checkout information. Unfortunately, some merchants make this process difficult, and it’s challenging to find the place where you enter the code. You can report the problem to us by using the “Click here if this offer does not work properly” link.

In most cases, you do not want to enter the code in the gift certificate box.

How do I know if the “coupon code” has been applied to my order?

You should see the discount before or at the final review page prior to submitting your order. Make sure that the discount has been properly applied before you complete the order, as online coupons cannot be applied retroactively. A few important points to remember:

The discount may be visible as a separate line item, OR it may adjust the price of the product(s) in your order.

If you don’t see the discount in your order, and have not received any error messages on the merchant web site, assume that the code is invalid. If this happens, please use the “Click here if this offer does not work properly” link to report the problem so that we can do some research.

There are a few rare times when the discount/promotion will not show on the order review page, but the coupon is still valid. We do our best to note these circumstances in the “Details and Restrictions” of the offer. We take these details directly from the information supplied by the merchant.

Be sure to print a copy of your confirmation page when you complete the order.

Why doesn’t the coupon work?

Here are the most common issues:

  • The code was not entered exactly as it appears on our web site
  • You have not fulfilled the minimum order requirements
  • You have a restricted brand / item in your order that is preventing the discount from being applied
  • There is an error in the code that we need to fix
  • The merchant has decided to expire the offer early, and we do not know about this change
  • The merchant has changed the conditions of the offer, and we do not know about this change

What do I do if a coupon does not work?

If a coupon does not work as expected, report the problem to us by using the ” Click here if this offer does not work properly” link. Check to see if another coupon code is available. Helpful tips:

Enter the code as it appears on our web site. A coupon code may be case sensitive, so copy it exactly. Be sure there are no spaces before or after the code when you apply it to the order.

Make sure that your order contains merchandise that fulfills the minimum order requirements. If the coupon is for “$10 off $50” and you have $45 worth of merchandise and $5.95 in shipping, the offer will not work. Minimum order amounts typically apply only to merchandise, and are not applicable to shipping, handling or taxes (unless otherwise stated in the details and restrictions). Other product restrictions may apply. Most gift certificates do not count toward a merchandise total.

If you receive an error message that states the coupon code is invalid or has expired, please use “Click here if this offer does not work properly” link to report the problem so that we can do some research. Enter your email address if you would like a response to your inquiry.

If you apply the coupon and you don’t see the discount you expected, the merchant may have changed the terms of the offer, or there may be a typo in the offer description. Use the “Click here if this offer does not work properly” link to report the problem.

If you apply the coupon and can’t see the discount, review the details and restrictions posted with the offer. You may have a restricted item in your order that is causing the problem. We may also have a note in the Details and Restrictions about the discount not showing until you receive your order summary. We typically receive these details directly from the merchant.

How do I change a coupon once it’s been applied to my order?

In most cases, you simply enter a different coupon code and apply it to your order. Here are helpful tips:

Sometimes a merchant will not allow you to enter a different coupon. Before you enter the code, make sure you have chosen the offer you most want applied to your order, just in case you can’t change it.

You may need to remove the other coupon before you can enter the new code. Usually, there is a message on the merchant site that tells you this, but it’s not always clear.

If you used a coupon that was automatically applied when you clicked on the link, simply choose a different “linked” coupon. In most cases, you will be redirected to the landing page that shows the details of the new coupon.

What is a “Landing page”?

A landing page is the page on the merchant’s web site that opens when you click to redeem an offer. Many times, this page is different from the merchant’s home page, and there may be information there that pertains to the offer you redeemed.

Why can’t I find a coupon for my favorite store?

Not every store on our merchant list has coupons available every day of the year. Our offers are constantly changing, and a coupon may become available soon.

Why don’t you have coupons for every store on your list?

At any given time, not every store on our list has a coupon available. We keep the stores in our list active, even if they don’t have a coupon, so that our visitors can see what is available. It may be that a merchant does not have a coupon, but they have a Free Shipping promotion or a Clearance Sale.

Why do you list merchants that don’t offer coupons?

We pay attention to what our visitors are searching for, and want to answer their questions regarding coupon availability for specific merchants. For stores that don’t offer coupons (or rarely have them), we post an “IMPORTANT NOTE” on the merchant page that outlines this information. We do our best to keep our information up-to-date, and strive to be a valuable consumer resource.