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    JCPenney Rewards Has Moved: Where Do Consumers Log In?

    JCPenney has moved the log-in for their Rewards program. Consumers can now check on the reward balance by logging in right on the JCP.com web site. We see this as a big improvement! Shoppers can now access their account, online order history and JCPenney Rewards points balance in one place. It just makes sense! Where… Read More

    Consumers Guide to Navigating Online Coupon Code Restrictions

    Your cruising along, totally psyched about the discounted items that are in your online shopping cart, and then, BAM! You enter the online coupon code that is going to make this whole purchase a whopper of deal, and it doesn’t work. To top it all off, you don’t know WHY is isn’t valid. The first… Read More

    Target Online Back To School Savings

    The Back To School shopping season is upon us, and combination savings deals can be found at Target online. You probably already know that Target.com has a much larger selection than any of their retail stores. Did you also know that there are online Target coupons that give an even bigger discount on your order?… Read More

    Online Coupon Codes: Tips & Tricks To Find The Best Deals

    Online coupon codes are an incredibly easy – but often overlooked – way to save money. You don’t have to clip coupons, sort them, and schlep them to the store. Just enter the code(s) to save on merchandise and shipping. Many retailers will even offer you a coupon to use on your next purchase. Here… Read More

    Walgreens Closes The Lensmart + Vision Direct Web Sites

    Walgreens has closed Lensmart and Vision Direct, and will absorb those online customers into their main business. The Lensmart and Vision Direct web sites now redirect to the Contact Lens page on Walgreens.com. Lensmart Closure Lensmart had a variety of promo codes. First-time customers received discounts of up to 25% off. While is it a… Read More

    Coupon Stacking: The Savings Pile Up Quickly

    Why use just one coupon if you can rack up even more savings and use two – or more – on a single purchase? When combined with careful shopping and sale-watching, your bundle of coupons can save you, well, a bundle! This coupon stacking strategy works with everything from everyday shopping for groceries and other… Read More