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    Walgreens Closes The Lensmart + Vision Direct Web Sites

    Walgreens has closed Lensmart and Vision Direct, and will absorb those online customers into their main business. The Lensmart and Vision Direct web sites now redirect to the Contact Lens page on Walgreens.com. Lensmart Closure Lensmart had a variety of promo codes. First-time customers received discounts of up to 25% off. While is it a… Read More

    Coupon Stacking: The Savings Pile Up Quickly

    Why use just one coupon if you can rack up even more savings and use two – or more – on a single purchase? When combined with careful shopping and sale-watching, your bundle of coupons can save you, well, a bundle! This coupon stacking strategy works with everything from everyday shopping for groceries and other… Read More

    Homemade Mother’s Day Coupon Book Makes A Personal, Thoughtful, & Affordable Gift

    It’s the gift every mom will love: a homemade Mother’s Day coupon book filled with gifts designed just for her. What any mother wants the most is more time: whether it’s having fun with the family or some solo time away from daily chores. With a personalized coupon book, she can have both! It’s thoughtful… Read More

    Payless May File For Bankruptcy Soon

    Bloomberg is reporting that Payless Shoesource is preparing to file for Chapter 11 protection. The potential Payless bankruptcy is an alert for consumers to take action on several items: Payless Bankruptcy – What Happens to Gift Cards? According to Consumers Union, your gift card may be worthless once a business goes bankrupt. If you have… Read More

    Farm to Table Flowers

    In 2002, Organic Bouquet became one of the first online florists to focus on eco-friendly and organic floral gifts. At the time, the concept of Farm to Table Flowers had not yet emerged. Back then, simply purchasing a blooming bouquet of organically grown roses was a novel idea. Fast forward to the present day, where… Read More

    Student Discounts: The Savings Add Up Quickly

    Student discounts aren’t just a fun perk that comes with student status. For many college students, discounts help them stay in school and pay the bills. They need the help too: in the past decade, tuition at public colleges and universities has increased over 40% – far faster than the overall rate of inflation. High… Read More