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    Coupon Stacking: The Savings Pile Up Quickly

    Why use just one coupon if you can rack up even more savings and use two – or more – on a single purchase? When combined with careful shopping and sale-watching, your bundle of coupons can save you, well, a bundle! This coupon stacking strategy works with everything from everyday shopping for groceries and other… Read More

    National Dessert Day

    National Dessert Day: Sweet Deals All Day Long! Each year on October 14th, confection lovers celebrate the sweetness of National Dessert Day. You can enjoy chocolate, ice cream or cake in person, or send a delicious treat to a loved one. Whatever the choice, the deals are there for you. In Stores: Baskin Robbins: free… Read More

    Friends and Family Coupons: Share the Discount

    Don’t you love it when you are shopping with a friend, and they have a coupon for you to use? Sometimes these are actual friends and family coupons that are meant to be shared, and other times it’s simply an extra or reusable coupon. Whether or not a coupon is labeled as a family and… Read More

    National Coffee Day Freebies and Discounts

    National Coffee Day On September 29th each year, java-lovers from coast to coast celebrate National Coffee Day. Freebies and discounts on your morning cup of joe are available from a number of coffee shops and convenience stores. Free Coffee Krispy Kreme: get a free small coffee and a free Original GlazedĀ® doughnut when you visit… Read More

    Spot Fake Reviews Online

    How To Spot Fake Reviews Online at Amazon, TripAdvisor & Other Sites Hospitality industry professionals and online merchants know the value of good web review. A product or service with five stars will always get more notice than one with just three. A 2010 Harris poll found that almost half of social media users felt… Read More

    Wedding Registry Ideas: Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding Gift List

    Even a generation ago, a couple’s wedding registry ideas were usually limited to just three categories: china, crystal, and silver. But couples today have moved beyond the traditional wedding registry. Ideas for registries now include everything from basic cleaning supplies to honeymoon extras, to charitable contributions. These new options allow couples to gives guests more… Read More