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    Coupon Stacking: The Savings Pile Up Quickly

    Why use just one coupon if you can rack up even more savings and use two – or more – on a single purchase? When combined with careful shopping and sale-watching, your bundle of coupons can save you, well, a bundle! This coupon stacking strategy works with everything from everyday shopping for groceries and other… Read More

    Restaurant Gift Card Bonus

    During the holiday season, a popular promotion is for restaurants to give a bonus card with a minimum gift certificate purchase. Here are a few tips to make the most of this offering: If you frequent the eatery often during the year, consider buying gift cards for yourself as a way to save on your… Read More

    30 Ways To Save Money With Restaurant Coupons: Join The Club!

    Looking for ways to save money when dining out? Join the club – the restaurant club, that is. Many restaurant chains offer some sort of rewards program (often called a “restaurant loyalty program”) for loyal customers. Most even reward not-so-loyal customers with welcome gifts just for signing up. It’s a great way to get restaurant… Read More

    Veterans Day Freebies for 11/11/14

    As a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to our Veterans, the following restaurants are offering free meals and/or free food on Veterans Day 2014: 54th Street Grill: Veterans and active duty military get a free meal on 11/11/14. Applebees: Veterans and active military get a free meal from a limited menu on 11/11/14. Note that beverage and… Read More

    Find Free Coupons In Unexpected Places

    In 2013, frugal consumers redeemed more than 2.8 billion coupons. The shoppers who save the most are those who know where to find free coupons and use them wisely. Savvy shoppers know that savings pop up in the most unexpected places. Here are ten tips to find free coupons. Newspapers: This is the most common… Read More

    Save on Halloween Candy and Novelties

    Halloween can be a fun holiday for kids and grown-ups alike, but it can really put a dent in your wallet. If you plan to host a ghoulish party or hand out trick-or-treat candy, buying Halloween sweets and novelty toys in bulk can be a good option. Review these questions to help prepare for the… Read More